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Uh, what happened to Shu Fusi Chu Feixia looked at Jiang Fan puzzled, she red pill natural sex drive felt that Shu Fusi must have been greatly stimulated, or else he would have gone things that increase size in penis crazy.

What gocruising.se red pill natural sex drive turtle Mei Piyan didn t know what a turtle was. Hey, the tortoise just crawls on the ground, and whenever it encounters danger, it retracts its head into the shell.

When Dai Lina saw Jiang Fan, she immediately ran towards Jiang Fan, Jiang Fan, you have to help me this time Dai Lina red pill natural sex drive threw herself into Jiang Fan s arms and began to cry immediately.

The two monks looked at Jiang Fan and saw that he had an extraordinary temperament and a group of beauties behind him, so they guessed that Jiang Fan was not an ordinary person, so a monk smiled at Jiang Fan and said, Okay, please wait a moment, I will report to the abbot immediately.

The two people in the secret room were shocked because they saw two people who were exactly like themselves entered.

Jiang Fan was essential oil for ed taken aback, Uh, you are here to travel as a girlfriend, do you know what a girlfriend s duty is Jiang Fan looked at Shangguan Xiaoyi s blushing face with a smile.

Liu in the mansion, he abused me in every possible way, I was tortured by him, I was covered in scars and suffered unspeakably, today I took advantage of him not paying attention, I ran out of Liu s mansion, but I didn t expect to be discovered by Master Liu not long after I escaped.

The wind was blowing on his feet, and he went outside the window of Jiang Fan s room in an instant, and was about to peek into the room.

As he walked, he turned his head to remind the people behind him, Attention, you red pill natural sex drive must follow in my footsteps.

Jiang Fan suddenly realized road. Najiatu Corpse looked at the black runestone in Jiang Fan s hand.

It s gone Jiang Fan said his plan with a smile. Oh, this method is sudden increase in libido female good, then let s go to the inn to write an announcement.

You lowly servant, how dare you hit me, I curse you for not being able to find a man, your red pill natural sex drive place male enhancement pills private labeling is full of cobwebs Liu Lanfang cursed angrily, and in a fit of anger, she uttered such vicious words.

When they arrived at Nanhupo, the suburb of Nanyan City, they all disappeared.

Seeing the 100,000 runes of silver, Qiuyue s eyes lit up. It took her nearly a month to earn a small sum of money.

Jiang Fan showed a sneer at the corner of his mouth, Hehe, you still dare to quibble You went to Fengyage to investigate, but why did you end up in Chunxiao s private room You also took off all your clothes, what kind of investigation is this Jiang Fan looked at Chief Su and sneered I, I Leader Su was speechless immediately, and he hurriedly knelt down to Jiang Fan, Master City Master, this subordinate knows his mistake, and he gocruising.se red pill natural sex drive will never dare to go to Fengya Pavilion again next time Leader red pill natural sex drive Su said with a bitter face Hmph, there s another time As the leader of the guards of Nanyan City, you didn t lead by example, but took the lead in going to Fengyage to play with women, causing the warehouse red pill natural sex drive of the City Lord s Mansion to be stolen.

Hey, didn t I tell you just now, I have already mutated, you and I are not at the same level, I am a mutant beast level, let us fight in the air If you lose, don t forget the bet just now said the red pill natural sex drive Mountain Escape Dragon with a smile.

Jiang Fan reached out and grabbed the lock, he looked at Master Dai Lina s blushing face, Damn it, Master Dai Lina s figure is rhino pills effects a bit better than Dai Lina Jiang Fan said to himself, his hand touched the side of the bun red pill natural sex drive on purpose edge.

There are basically no plants around the sandy land, and occasionally a few big bare trees are seen.

Jiang Fan s mouth landed on the talisman shield, Dugu Mosquito Incense saw that it was Jiang Fan, she red pill natural sex drive blushed and said in surprise, Jiang dhea dose for ed Fan, are you back After being discovered by Dugu Mosquito Incense, Jiang Fan was very disappointed, Hey, Teacher Mosquito Incense, I m back I saw you in a daze just now, didn red pill natural sex drive t you miss me red pill natural sex drive Jiang Fan said with a smile.

Jiang Fan looked at the strangely arranged skulls, which looked like a fork, but there were two strange patterns beside the fork, and he red pill natural sex drive didn t know what it meant.

Liang Yan turned to look at Tuba Beast, Tuba Beast, do you know Alpha State Male Enhancement Pills red pill natural sex drive where the great lord is things that increase size in penis Top Ranked Male Enhancement Pills Liang Yan smiled.

Uh, they re so bad, I ll help you pull them out The Earth Chuan Long stretched out his claws and was about to pull out the cork on the red haired turkey s ass.

Isn t it dyed Jiang Fan looked at Fu Xiaohai and smiled. Fu Xiaohai looked at Jiang Fan coldly and red pill natural sex drive didn t say a word, he just waited for Dugu Wenxiang to announce the start of the competition.

This kind of skate is really powerful. If you dodge it, the icy air of the skate can freeze you.

There are more Alpha State Male Enhancement Pills red pill natural sex drive guards at the fork. There were four guards standing about 100 meters inside the passage, and the passage was more than 500 meters in total.

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After I defeat you, I will ask the female student to send you flowers to comfort you.

Jiang Fan said to the crowd. Following the red pill natural sex drive sound of the flying winged silver penis enlargement pillsl dragon, the wind roared in everyone s ears, and a moment later, the flying winged silver dragon landed on the outskirts of Guxia Town.

You only need to hold the colorful talismans and read the seven talismans on the colorful talismans to open the passages of the three planes and enter the place.

Princess Mu Xue blushed, Jiang Fan, although I will follow you, I have one condition Princess Mu Xue looked at Jiang Fan and said.

It s too low Sheng Lingyun said with displeasure on his red pill natural sex drive face. General Qi also showed displeasure on his face, My lord, our skeleton soldiers are refined by Shang Buju, an evil talisman master.

Fu Yuanguo and the others didn t have any activities, and Fu Yuanguo seemed to be particularly quiet.

Seeing the ice shuttle flying over, the Najiatu corpse rolled his eyes, and bad water gushed out.

The monk smiled at Jiang Fan. Jiang Fan nodded. He opened the door and entered the meditation room. An old man was sitting on the chair in the meditation room.

Jiang Fan looked at the sky and nodded, Okay, I, Jiang Fan, will keep my word A purple talisman appeared on the ground.

Hey, Liu Lanfang, don t bother, how dare they attack me now, unless they want to kill you and Chen Liuyan Jiang Fan shook his head and laughed.

After a while, Zhao Hui came. He went to Jiang Fan s room, cupped his hands respectfully and said, Jiang Fan, you are finally back He showed joy.

The flying octopus spider angrily lined up at the foot of Cangtu Mountain with five beast armies.

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The only red pill natural sex drive way is to stop the stone wave. Jiang Fan hastily called out the Sword of Execution, and slashed at the stone wave, Ashes fly away The colorful hurricane swept out, and the stone wave was instantly reduced to ashes when it encountered the colorful hurricane.

Among the crowd off the court, Zhao Hui frowned, Uh, Jiang Fan s Maoshan Fixing Curse is too good, even Shangguan Xiaoyi can t break it Zhao Hui was surprised, he knew Shangguan Xiaoyi, The talisman skills he has mastered are not as good as Shangguan Xiaoyi s.

Very well, Jiang Fan, I will leave this matter to you Tang Yuanzong nodded with a smile.

The big ball of the blood sucking white sandworm rolled towards the crowd, and the distance was only more than ten meters away.

Jiang Fan nodded and said, Okay, let s go to Xiao Yafu s house. Xiao Yafu s house is right in front red pill natural sex drive of Ding Guier s house, just turn to the right when you go out, the two families are very close to each other, only ten meters away.

There was only a burst penis male enhancement pills of thunder in the air, and with a click, the ground immediately became violently violent, flying sand and rocks, and the black wind surrounded the sails of the river, and rumbling thunder came from inside.

Hehe, Fushen is just an ant in his eyes. Jiang Fan laughed. What Fushen is just an ant in his eyes Huangfu Rumei was shocked, she couldn t imagine how tall that Dafia was.

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Oh, let s go see what they are doing. Jiang Fan waved at the Najia earth corpse.

He looked at Jiang Fan and said with a smile Sir, please sit down Jiang Fan sat unceremoniously opposite Elder Dayuan, Luo Lingshan, Princess Miaoya, Princess Muxue, Najia Tushi and others stood behind 14k Gold Male Enhancement Pills Jiang Fan, Are you Elder Dayuan Jiang Fan looked at the if gas station boner pills were people old monk and smiled.

Eight arm shattered kill The eight arm maned bear roared violently, and the eight arms suddenly swelled, and it went straight to the Najia earth corpse from eight different directions to attack.

With a red pill natural sex drive bang, Shi Mei why does my dick get bigger after i run shattered. A red primordial bead rolled out, Dai Lina picked up the red primordial bead and put it away, turned her head and waved to the people behind her I will open the way ahead, you follow behind.

He got a lot of money Sheng Lingyun s face darkened, General Qi, I, Sheng Lingyun, am not that kind of person.

If you fight head to head with you, it shows that I m at a disadvantage.

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Well, I agree with Sister Lingshan s idea. In this case, we New Ed Tablets red pill natural sex drive should enter the karst cave from under the water.

Immediately, Zhao Hui asked everyone to prepare for the ambush, and in about ten minutes, a beast army of nine gale roe deer appeared outside Gap Ridge.

He hated Jiang Fan to death. He wished he could kill Jiang Fan right away, but ed pills dosage rate charts the guards were scared out of their wits, and no one dared to step forward.

They are having a secret meeting in the Yoyo Restaurant. They are very tightly guarded, and our people cannot approach them, and we cannot find out what they are talking about.

Sheng Lingyun, you are talking too much Our Dafeng Kingdom has been operating for a hundred red pill natural sex drive years and we are not vegetarians.

A trace of surprise appeared on Sheng Lingyun s face, My purpose in medicine erection coming to Nanyan City is very simple, and that is to serve as the deputy commander Sheng Lingyun said calmly.

Jiang Fan recognized the man at a glance as an intelligence agent from the Qinglong Intelligence Station, and said to himself Uh, it seems that there red pill natural sex drive is something urgent Information The intelligence agent arrived at red pill natural sex drive the door Alpha State Male Enhancement Pills red pill natural sex drive of Jiang Fan s guest room and knocked lightly three times.

The reason why the master doesn t do this is to play with Mei Piyan slowly and red pill natural sex drive play him to the fullest.

That guard is no better than a student from our academy. He is a character who kills without blinking an eye.

He jumped up, and his body spun rapidly does depression cause ed in the air, so fast that only a shadow could be seen.

damage. Sand and rocks were flying on the ground, the big tree behind the Najia soil corpse was cracked, and the three bio hard side effects meter high rocky ground about ten meters away from the Najia soil corpse was shattered.

Earth fire rubble Jiang Fan yelled, and with a whoosh, a purple talisman flew red devil male enhancement capsules 2 pack out, and there was a click in the air, and red flames appeared on the ground immediately, and the ground cracked, and the rubble flew out.

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In the end, the two of them were tearing up, and Jiang Fan stopped, Hey, do you red pill natural sex drive still want it Jiang Fan said with a smirk.

There was a rustling sound in the hanging sand, and a gray snake head emerged from the red pill natural sex drive Penis Enlargement Cream Forum yellow sand, followed by many monster heads emerging from the hanging sand.

The Purple Lightning King landed on Jiang gocruising.se red pill natural sex drive Fan, making a crackling sound, and with the thunderbolt entrained, Jiang Fan was surrounded by a cloud of purple lightning.

Hmph, he red pill natural sex drive s a fart Even the prime minister dares to beat him The mayor of a small red pill natural sex drive town dares to red pill natural sex drive do whatever he wants.

Oh, Abbot Jiyuan, you are getting fat Jiang Fan looked at Abbot Jiyuan and said with a smile.

Cui Yingying looked at Dai Lina, Lina, Master is really not used to living outside, when you miss Master, come and visit me with Jiang Fan.

In close combat, red pill natural sex drive the speed is faster than spells, and the attack power is powerful.

All the women nodded together, Well, just look at it, we will definitely make you look at it differently All the women said together.

Fool, the people in that house are very suspicious, go check and see who they are.

Uh, please forgive me, I can t bear it Liu Shaoqing begged, his attitude changed immediately.

Get rid of all the cave disciples Oh, there are so many people, how do we start Dai Lina frowned.

Najia Earth Corpse looked at Mu Guishan, and the two of them exchanged eyes, and they Help Maintain And Prolong Erections things that increase size in penis fell in love at first sight, their eyes sparked, and they stared blankly at each other.

After the Najia earth corpse left, Jiang Fan dressed up as Tang Xinyi s city lord and returned to the hall of the General Military Mansion.

Kong Let us meet again, I, Yuanfang, am Alpha State Male Enhancement Pills red pill natural sex drive grateful Jiang Fan looked at the sky, Well, Yuan Fang, don t worry, I, Jiang Fan, will do what I say, and I will red pill natural sex drive never break my word Jiang Fan said firmly.

The guard hurriedly got up and wiped off the blood on his face, Don t get me wrong, it s me the guard said hurriedly.

Although he is in the realm of Fuhuang, his balls do not have any realm, and they cannot resist blows.

It wanted to kill the Earth Chuanlong. I didn t plan to kill the Earth Chuanlong red pill natural sex drive before, but this time it has the intention to kill it.

Jiang Fan hurriedly pulled Cai Liji, who was covering her face and crying, Stop covering your face and crying, Mei Piyan will shoot water on you later Jiang Fan said to Cai Liji.

Damn it, you woman is the best among shrews If you keep making a fuss, I ll let a fool fuck you Jiang Fan cursed angrily.

About an hour later, the Najia earth corpse smelled more than two thousand people running towards Liuxi Town.

This is a wonderful match. Let s keep our eyes open and don t miss this match Excited.

Dai Lina frowned and said, red pill natural sex drive Penis Enlargement Cream Forum It red pill natural sex drive won t kill the stone worms. Every part of their body can be revived.

You only need to read them seven times in sequence, and the colorful symbols will open the passage to the plane.

Just as Jiang Fan and the others were about to leave, a woman came out from behind and shouted red pill natural sex drive Jiang Fan Jiang Fan turned his head and saw the woman, and said in surprise, Shangguan red pill natural sex drive Xiaoyi He didn t expect that the person calling him was actually Shangguan Xiaoyi.

As soon as Jiang Fan finished speaking, another spy, the beast army, came running over, Report to the lord, the eight armed maned bear and the beast army blocked our way Please, the lord, make a decision Damn it, how dare this eight armed maned bear stop us, it s looking for death Jiang Fan became angry and his face darkened.

Jiang Fan red pill natural sex drive pushed open the gate and shouted into the room, Is anyone there As soon as he stepped into the yard, the colorful talismans in his arms immediately buzzed and then glowed, which meant that there were colorful talismans here, because they were all sensed.

Jiang Fan showed disappointment on his face, Hey, forget it, I ll come to you next month Jiang Fan shook his head intentionally.

The red skinned crab armor continued The floating soil area and the suspended sand area are extremely dangerous.

Jiang Fan looked at the boost sexual enhancement product wooden plane princess, and he had many red pill natural sex drive doubts, Hard princess, why did you cross the interface between the Fuyuan world and the wooden plane to come here Jiang Fan asked curiously.

To enter the fork, he must lure the six guards away or enter the fork incognito.

The four spirit beads became red pill natural sex drive red pill natural sex drive brighter, and golden, cyan, red, and blue rays of light shot into the center of Princess Muxue s eyebrows.

Everyone, today is the annual spell competition of our School of Charms.

Jiang Fan looked at Shangguan Xiaoyi, nodded and said Well, Shangguan Xiaoyi is absolutely fine to go, it won t attract other people s attention, do you know how to inquire Shangguan Xiaoyi thought for a moment, I pretended to beg Shengwuqiao to do something and went to see Shengwuqiao.

Jiang Fan nodded in satisfaction. Yes, Master Chief Liu Yifei nodded.

Liu Xialiu also followed the soldiers into the Liu Mansion. He also found the fog around him and said in surprise, Uh, what s going on Why is there fog in the yard Just when Liu Xialiu and others were puzzled, suddenly there was a loud click in the air, whoosh Whoosh Countless talisman rain arrows fell like raindrops.

You fart, I didn t do anything bad, you re framing me Zhu Liu panicked.

Shaluo and his son trembled in fright, Although I promised Sha Wuli not to kill you, you must promise me that you will not bully the sand barbarians, and you must not bully the people and clansmen, or I will kill you Jiang Fan said coldly.

Jiang Fan showed doubts, why did Chuchu ask me to strip her clothes when we met this week Could it be that he likes me Or is there another reason Thinking of this, Jiang Fan looked at Zhou red pill natural sex drive Chuchu, Hey, gocruising.se red pill natural sex drive you can t strip your clothes in front of everyone, we have to go to the classroom or in things that increase size in penis Top Ranked Male Enhancement Pills the woods Jiang Fan joked.

The eight armed maned bear saw that the Najia soil corpse was much shorter than itself, and looked down at the Najia soil corpse with his hands on his hips, Despicable human beings, this is my territory.

This kind of evil tool is called Nine Infants Chasing Soul. It is made from nine extremely yin and pure male baby skulls.

What s going on Could it be that the mountain and earth dragon has really been transformed impossible The Flying Octopus Skyweb Spider swung its claws to attack the Earth Piercer.

Hehe, I believe you are innocent. People like Mei Piyan like Help Maintain And Prolong Erections things that increase size in penis to brag and talk nonsense, so I don t believe him Jiang Fan laughed, and he took out a male enhancement pills headache genital pain handkerchief and handed it to Cai Liji.

Elder Yuan Kong looked at Jiang Fan, This is very simple. I am the incarnation of colorful talismans.

Jiang Fan and the others immediately turned around and looked at Elder Yuankong and Pei Yuanfang in surprise, Oh, Elder Yuankong has started to disintegrate What s going on Luo Lingshan exclaimed.

Hmph, even if it s a waste, it can t be cheap for you bad men Liu Lanfang snorted coldly.

He waved his hand, and a talisman flashed. He used the space enclosing spell.

In a moment, more than sixty bad servants all fell into the crack, and as the crack closed, these people were all finished.

The women shook their heads, Since we are going to rescue Sister Lina s master, then we should go all the more.

Uh, it can t be that your grandma, Shangguan Dean, is back Jiang Fan was surprised.

The door opened, and Shangguan Xiaoyi Help Maintain And Prolong Erections things that increase size in penis came in, Uh, Xiaoyi, what do you do red pill natural sex drive Jiang Fan looked at Shangguan Xiaoyi in surprise and said.

Oh, is he as clever as the Fushen of the Fushen Realm Huangfu Rumei asked in surprise.

The Najia earth corpse was angry, and he roared Shatter and kill The black tombstone in the Yuanshen space what can you do if viagra doesnt work exploded, and with red pill natural sex drive a bang, the vines tied to his body were broken inch by inch.

At this moment, the Five Elements Mysterious Transformation Armor of the Najia Earth Corpse s body was activated, and the sawtooth tree vine was sawed on the Five Elements Mystery Transformation Armor, making a rattling sound.

Seeing Fu Xiaohai crying so sadly, Jiang Fan smiled, Fu Xiaohai, don t cry, let me treat you Jiang Fan looked at Fu Xiaohai and smiled, Fu Xiaohai is not a bad person, Jiang Fan was red pill natural sex drive just joking with him, I don t want to make him too miserable.

Xue Lihong looked at Jiang Fan and nodded. Are you staying here tonight Jiang Fan asked, looking at the four Binghua sisters.

He wiped his face and pretended to be a middle aged man. red pill natural sex drive Then Jiang Fan whispered to the Najia soil corpse Fool, you send these patients away, and I will go to see Li Hanyan.

The old man got up, with resentment in his eyes, he didn t gnaw, and hurried to Sha Luo, Luoer, are you okay The old man said nervously.

The Earth Piercer did not dodge or dodge, allowing the claws of the Flying Octopus Skyweb Spider to red pill natural sex drive attack its own head, with a bang, sparks flew everywhere, New Ed Tablets red pill natural sex drive and the Earth Piercer s head was not damaged at all, and there was no pain at things that increase size in penis all.

Tomorrow, go to Nansha City to find the seventh seven colored talisman.

Leave all the beauties and be my wives Patriarch Sha Bise looked at Luo Lingshan and the others in fascination.

The steward of Fengyage brought several dr oz ed treatment guards into the private room, and they saw Chief Su lying on the ground, Uh, Chief Su Of course, the steward of Fengyage knew Chief Su, he was a frequent visitor here.

Jiang Fan Speak of a harsher duty. Shangguan Xiaoyi hesitated for a moment, she looked at Jiang Fan in surprise, and after pondering for a moment, she nodded and said I can do this things that increase size in penis Top Ranked Male Enhancement Pills too, I know that there are always many women around red pill natural sex drive a capable man, I can tolerate it, but he You must have me in your heart.

The long necked locust beast screamed, its Yuanshen beads shattered, and blood flowed out along the red pill natural sex drive gun barrel of the Najia earth corpse.

Jiang Fan was very surprised, Shu Fusi was not injured by himself, how could he still do that thing Before he had time to think so much, it was important to save people first, so Jiang Fan quickly opened the window and jumped into the guest room.

Uh, this woman is really stupid, so I can t wait to use her unique trick Jiang Fan shook his head and said, he jumped up suddenly, using his fists and feet to attack the flying boulder.

Dai Lina immediately understood red pill natural sex drive what Jiang Fan meant, blushed, stared at Jiang Fan and said, Boring I don t Alpha State Male Enhancement Pills red pill natural sex drive care about you Jiang Fan, you are really necrotic Huangfu Rumei stared at Jiang Fan and smiled coquettishly.

things that increase size in penisfemale to female sex red pill natural sex drive

He red pill natural sex drive absorbed the soul essence and blood, and said to the green skinned shimmering beast beside him, Release the red pill natural sex drive Penis Enlargement Cream Forum red haired turkey beast All the beasts released the red haired turkey beast, and the red haired turkey beast ran towards the mountain running dragon crying, and the mountain running dragon hugged the red haired turkey beast, Red haired, I made you suffer Chuanshan Dundilong said distressedly.

Dai Lina looked at Jiang Fan red pill natural sex drive and nodded. Jiang Fan red pill natural sex drive thought for a moment, nodded and said Okay, let s enter the karst cave from the water.

The black runestone was like a black crystal, shaped like a heart, and contained a lot of energy.

That s right, if you want to find Pei Yuanfang in the vast crowd, you really don New Ed Tablets red pill natural sex drive t know where to start Huangfu Rumei frowned.

Jiang Fan said hastily. The four Binghua sisters are in the red pill natural sex drive hall of the Fire Spirit Tribe.

In just one year, Princess Miaoya was able to leap from red pill natural sex drive the realm of the Fu King to the late stage red pill natural sex drive of the Dao Fusheng Realm, which is red pill natural sex drive simply unbelievable Also, red pill natural sex drive what Princess Miao Ya shot was a talisman flying knife, those students couldn t tell what kind of talisman it was, even Dean Shangguan, Dugu Wenxiang and other teachers didn t know what kind of talisman it was.

Hey, this isn t despicable, it s resourcefulness We re here to subdue the Earth Piercer.

Let s divide up all the what is in viagra that makes it work property in the warehouse, red pill natural sex drive and let s run away A guard said drunkenly.

The small domain owner of this area, the multi headed multi legged armored beast, was recuperating in the cave with its eyes closed.

Jiang Fan looked at the beasts, Does anyone know the weakness of the dragon that pierced the mountain and escaped from the earth Jiang Fan asked.

This is the reason for the power of mind. In fact, those red pill natural sex drive talisman balls are spiritual.

Thinking of the fighting movements and techniques just now, she immediately understood who was in front of her.

Before Jiang Fan could speak, the Najia Earth Corpse rushed out with the red pill natural sex drive Soul Splitting Spear.

Oh, Fu Xiaohai is here Fu Xiaohai, who was ranked eighth in the spell competition last year, came out to challenge Jiang Fan.

Our Shaman tribe is the remedy for extenze sickness most powerful tribe. If you dare to provoke us, you will all die Changsha Bi spoke to Jiang Fan with blunt words.

They were all very excited. After Jiang Fan compiled those monsters from the earth plane, he held a military meeting at the military level to discuss how to attack the small domain master.

Oh, so Boss Su is your friend He is a frequent visitor of our Fengyage.

With a bang, the black air pierced through the body of obama sex pill the rune beast, and it let out a scream, and quickly burrowed into the quicksand.

Looking up above the karst cave, there are strangely shaped stalactites.

Oh, the following is Guxia Town, we will land on the outskirts of Guxia Town.

As for Jiang Fan using space to confine Dean Shangguan, she didn t see it.

This is what the Great Witch God Wukeya said. Ding Guier hurriedly said.

Let s go and see what s in there. With a wave of Jiang Fan s hand, a talisman flashed, and both he and the Najia earth corpse became invisible.

Mu Guishan s eyes widened, Uh, you re so good, I lost She immediately lay on the ground with her head tilted.

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