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The net causes a best cbd gummies for sleep aid ringtone to warn. However, the Xuanling net had been discovered by the caracal little boy, so Fortune borrowed strength from the wall, straddled the grass, avoided the can you use human cbd oil for pets can cbd oil wake you up Xuanling best cbd gummies for sleep aid net and hid in the tree.

So Wu Dunru waved his gocruising.se best cbd gummies for sleep aid sleeves, and made a move of Dharma brushing his sleeves.

Nothing will happen. Wu Dunru comforted from the side. But the voice just fell. All of a sudden, a letter arrow soared into the sky in the city, bursting out with a burst of bright light and making a piercing scream.

Chapter 287 Conflict The two adults, the principal and deputy envoys, who felt that they gocruising.se best cbd gummies for sleep aid had been slighted and neglected, were extremely upset.

Wu Xiuwen praised. When Gongsun Zhi heard Wu Xiuwen s words, he quickly raised his neck and tried his best to appear as elegant and extraordinary as possible, obviously he took advantage of Wu Xiuwen s compliments.

But the white bearded old man couldn t wait any longer. If the escort of the Buddha statue was forced to stop, he would suffer retribution So the white bearded old man also made up his mind, turned around and shouted Where are all the monks protecting the Dharma Quickly kill the demons and demons, and the road to protect the Buddha will be smooth The old man with white beard had just finished speaking, except for the eight big men carrying Buddha statues.

Wu Dunru squatted beside Yang Guo, patted Yang Guo s shoulder lightly, and after thinking for a long time, he said in a deep voice Brother Yang, I also know what happened about your father, although the whole thing has something to do with Master and Mistress.

According to the records, there should be no organs in the stone chamber, but we should be best cbd gummies for sleep aid careful Zhuge Wangchuan led Wu Dunru into the stone chamber.

Xiuwen is willing to take this risk for the country and the people.

Merchant Liu and Tofu Xishi were keenly aware that this was a godsend opportunity, so after some hard work and maneuvers, the white bearded old man who originally did not intend to participate in the escort best cbd gummies for sleep aid of the Buddha statue changed his mind and personally participated in the escort of the Buddha statue, and determined the date and escort route On the same road as the Mongolian team led by Batu and Doerda.

To put it bluntly, it is not certain whether he is still alive now.

and Mrs. Xian for their righteous words, the short man thanked politely, and looked closely, it turned out that the half old lady was holding a best cbd gummies for sleep aid dragon s crutch.

They were wearing navy blue Confucian shirts, their faces were fair, and three strands of beard fluttered on their chests.

So I didn t pay much attention best cbd gummies for sleep aid to it. Now that you say that, I feel something is wrong The matter was related to Yang Guo, Xiao Longnu carefully explained.

Keep all kinds of strange secret techniques. In the future, we will use what we have learned in our chests.

Oh Got it Taoist Ma Guangzuo was not confused at this time. He reached out and took out several porcelain bottles best cbd gummies for sleep aid from Xiaoxiangzi s arms, and let Xiaoxiangzi identify them one by one.

He is better than Guo Jing in terms of talent, talent, etc. so he made things difficult for your father The mysterious man continued to speak eloquently.

Even though Fortune best cbd gummies for sleep aid was in a best cbd gummies for sleep aid hurry, there was Cbd California can cbd oil wake you up nothing he could do.

However, it is impossible for the Mongolian envoys to arrive ahead of the King Kongmen s troops.

He knew that Guo Jing s character was buy cbd oil supplements online reddit such that he would definitely not be able to change it.

They left in such a hurry without even drinking a cup of tea. If the headmaster knows, he will definitely punish you Yes Vajra cupped his fists and gave a slight salute.

The Mongol Empire was invincible in all battles, how can cbd oil wake you up 200 Mg Cbd Gummies could the Southern Song Dynasty, which lived in a small corner, best cbd gummies for sleep aid stop the Mongolian army What Jinlun Fawang said is true.

It s really annoying. Yes Yes But there is best cbd gummies for sleep aid nothing we can do. There are a lot of wild animals in Kunlun Mountains. Although we can drive them away, these beasts that don t remember to eat will come best cbd gummies for sleep aid to make trouble every once in a while.

Even Li Mochou s previous tyrannical personality has undergone a 180 degree change.

Don t you just look down on our Elder Peng and think he is not worthy to be equal to you I am not as talented as Elder Peng in martial arts.

can cbd oil cause tingling in hands and feet

I m not sure either It s just that Da Jin will never send a warning for no reason, we d better hide first Wu Dunru was a little gocruising.se best cbd gummies for sleep aid puzzled, but he firmly believed in Which Cbd Oil For Sciatica best cbd gummies for sleep aid Da Jin.

Wu Xiuwen explained with a smile. The last thing I want to introduce is Ma Guangzuo, a Huijiang master.

Mr. Yang, as long as Guo Jing is severely injured best cbd gummies for sleep aid Best Cbd Gummies Gold Bee tonight, it will be difficult for him to win tomorrow s martial arts contest with the Jinlun Fawang.

They had enough mental preparation, and their speed had dropped a lot.

There are fleshy horns on the top of the head, and it walks like the wind.

sooner or later, I have to obey Which Cbd Oil For Sciatica best cbd gummies for sleep aid me. As long as she is willing to bow her head, what kind of big waves can a best cbd gummies for sleep aid Study Cbd Oil For Inflammation best cbd gummies for sleep aid woman make, as long as Which Cbd Oil For Sciatica best cbd gummies for sleep aid I use some means, she will give up on me in a short time Wanting to let go of Gongsunzhi best cbd gummies for sleep aid triumphantly, he didn t know that in a hurry, Gongsun Lue, who was worried about the situation of Yang Guo and Xiaolongnv, was pulling the long bearded ghost Fan Yiweng to hide in the corner and heard what he said clearly.

In this way, it is very likely that Jinlun Fawang will let these five masters fight tomorrow to win the position of leader But according to Xiuwen s words, these five people are all masters, and the difference in skill will not be too big.

How Mych Cbd Oil Should I Take

Dare to cry out for injustice, or raise objections. The noisy Dalun Temple disciples stood up in twos and threes just after the words were finished, bowed deeply to Venerable Maha with clasped hands and proclaimed Amitabha Buddha Bowed down and went to receive the punishment.

Fortunately, Huo Dou realized that the situation was not good and came out to rescue himself.

However, the few words just now are enough, Wu Xiuwen glanced at Huo Dou best cbd gummies for sleep aid Best Cbd Gummies Gold Bee with a sneer, and continued to say to King Jinlun Fa Master Jinlun, you have also seen that the two elder who sells cbd gummies for tinnitus brothers of the Gan family have already spoken, there is no need It s been replaced.

If you cbd oil for vape pens and oil in merced ca insist on talking about the matter between Mongolia and Han, I will not accompany you today.

You guys went down the mountain this time can cbd oil wake you up 200 Mg Cbd Gummies to help Guo Jing and Guo Daxia defend Xiangyang and resist the Mongolian invasion.

Active Cbd Oil Extra Strength

Master Tianbei and his uncles who have already left the customs decided to take advantage of these days to teach these disciples some unique self defense skills and teach them to practice martial arts, which can also make them improve in a short period of time.

The envoy of Batu didn t expect can cbd oil wake you up 200 Mg Cbd Gummies Arilans to have a sudden attack, and he couldn t help but shudder in his heart.

Although our two families come from the Middle Earth Shaolin, the situation is not the same.

Behind best cbd gummies for sleep aid them was the Mongolian army with banners and flags, horseshoes clanging, long knives and sharp guns gleaming coldly, and can cbd oil wake you up bloodthirsty and excited faces.

Several patrolling Mongolian warriors were also a few feet away from the wall.

He clasped his hands together and recited a Buddha s name Amitabha We came from thousands of miles to participate in this hero meeting.

Guo Jing s Eighteen Dragon best cbd gummies for sleep aid Subduing Palms and Silver Staff King s Dragon Head Subduing Magic Wand are both extremely domineering techniques with astonishing attack power.

Forget it, why do you think so much There must be a way for a car to reach the mountain, and a living person can be suffocated to death by urine Yang Guo stood up, opened his arms, and said freely.

Hey Forget it, Master, you don t have to blame yourself, you also blame myself.

Damn how to vape hemp cbd oil it Kublai Khan clenched his fists and rattled, Although that person didn t use the Zhuge Liannu, the lethality of the bow and arrow in his cbd oil and folfirinox hand is no less than that of the Zhuge Liannu.

Do you think it is possible best cbd gummies for sleep aid to just kill a few Mongolian Tartars to relieve hatred How about killing an enemy and destroying an important plan of the gabapentin and cbd oil for humans other party Wu Xiuwen s words successfully aroused everyone s interest.

In this case, let Guo Daxia compete with Jinlun Fawang, and judge the hero by victory or defeat Zhu Ziliu immediately said after Jinlun Fawang s best cbd gummies for sleep aid words, Guo Jing is close to the level of Wujue when it comes to fighting alone, although Jinlun Fawang is also A master among masters, but everyone is confident that Guo Jing s ability is better than Jinlun Fawang.

Fortunately, he also learned the Iron Palm Kung Fu from Qiu Qianchi back then, and the kung fu in his palm is also not weak, so he could only raise his palm to greet him.

Cbd Oil At Peoples Pharmacy

We didn t say you can t come, but since Study Cbd Oil For Inflammation best cbd gummies for sleep aid you met us two senior brothers, it would be your misfortune The senior brother was annoyed by what happened just now, and naturally he would not let it go when he saw the Shaolin disciples from the Western Study Cbd Oil For Inflammation best cbd gummies for sleep aid Regions who had always looked down upon him.

It s okay to say that the relationship has not been broken at the moment, but I m afraid I won t be able to pass the test of master and wife in the end cbd oil dosage for hormone balance Wu Xiuwen shook his head with some headaches and said.

Naturally, Guo Jing would not let go of such a god given opportunity, and slapped the Silver Staff Dharma King with a move of Dragon Wagging its Tail.

But it is always necessary to look like you are trying your best to hunt them down.

It s just that he doesn t know what message he wants to pass on, and best cbd gummies for sleep aid he doesn t know who to pass it on to.

It s not a big deal, but it s not a small thing. Your performance at the hero meeting has already been cbd oil centers for medicine in public interest recognized by many people.

Does Cbd Oil Make You High Reddit

Some of the plots are different versions, which are really different.

On the contrary, it can still unleash such a fierce attack. Ah Jin Xiang s arm, from the wrist, the forearm to the upper arm, was crushed and fractured by Wu best cbd gummies for sleep aid Dunru s powerful benefits of taking cbd oil everyday Vajra Palm.

Brother Zhang, it s getting late, my younger brother should greet you for dinner first Jin Shi s voice was almost pleading, dragging fortune to prevent him from taking another step forward.

Jinlun Fawang was so angry that he wanted to die, but he still wanted to maintain his demeanor of a master, and he pretended to be nonchalant and glanced at Yang Guo, thinking to himself Look at this son best cbd gummies for sleep aid s long howl just now, and the fact that the two of them came hand in hand.

It is thought provoking Meng Gong is a great military strategist, and he immediately discovered the great wisdom and principles contained in Wu Xiuwen s unintentional quotes.

And my kung fu is not much worse than Wushuang Mengyao quickly emphasized how good she is, I also know a lot of messy kung fu, so it s absolutely fine to pretend.

We can best cbd gummies for sleep aid t take this risk. Dangerous There are tens of thousands of people in Xiangyang City, and the great rivers and mountains behind Xiangyang City do not allow us to take risks Lu Wende, the appeasement envoy of Xiangyang, quickly stopped.

You are mysterious every day. If it is not for the disguise, how many can cbd oil wake you up 200 Mg Cbd Gummies kinds of kung fu will you like by Elder Peng Really think we Stupid Lu Wushuang said angrily.

It is very embarrassing for Han to be defeated. Hmph Trash Trespassing on the important place of the Patriarch s Hall.

Words became more and more unscrupulous. You dare All the heroes in the Central Plains were enraged immediately, and they wanted to copy the guys up to rescue the Gan brothers, and there were endless noises in the open space of Nuoda.

Zhu Ziliu didn t know these things. He is now considering how to get out.

Yo You guys know a lot Come and hear what else you have Meng Jing was so happy in her heart that she urged Wu Xiu to hurry up.

Let s go back and meet your brothers They are going to be so worried Wu Xiuwen heard the whispers of people not far away.

The distance is different, but with the guidance of Xinjian, they are already rushing with all their strength.

Wu Xiuwen secretly remembered what they said and relayed it to Wu Dunru in the future.

The matter of Zhu Ziliu and Li Mochou basically came to an end here, and the future development can only depend on their own management and efforts.

Ju faction hatred. In that case, when the Mongolian Empire wanted to continue to implement the Real Fruit Infused Cbd Gummies policy of peacefully conquering the Tubo region, the Saska best cbd gummies for sleep aid faction was the only choice for the Mongolian side.

Wonderful Wonderful It s wonderful When the time comes, we can attack and retreat or defend.

It s done Mengyao asked in a low voice, Wu Xiuwen nodded, only Lu Wushuang s expression was cloudy, Wu Xiuwen persuaded her again for a long time, and Lu Wushuang got better.

He quickly got up and saluted. gocruising.se best cbd gummies for sleep aid That s right I m Batu Seeing Elder Peng s overjoyed expression, Batu agreed even though Cbd California can cbd oil wake you up he was puzzled.

At that time, this will be cbd oil lubbock tx the capital for his promotion in the Mongolian Empire, and this is also a shortcut paved for him by Batu and his backers.

Priest Ma Yu is known for his internal strength. Back is 15 cbd oil strong then in the desert, Guo Jing s inner strength and lightness kung fu were taught by Priest Ma Yu and in recent years, Priest Ma Yu has rarely done anything.

Wu Xiuwen continued to deal with the rest of the people, Yang Guo jumped over the wall and entered in his anxiety.

Zhuge Wangchuan has a good understanding of the general situation and agrees Wu Dunru s thoughts.

At this time, Xiao Longnv seemed to have a tacit understanding with Yang Guo, and she opened the door and walked out, two female disciples in green shirts and two maidservants shouted Miss Long, Miss Long, don t go out, let the owner of the valley Master see us I will be scolded again The two female disciples in green shirts and the two servant girls seemed to be sent by Gongsun Zhi to serve, and at the same time to best cbd gummies for sleep aid monitor Xiao Longnv.

The exact location needs to be further searched. The two are located in the Western Region, although they are not close to each other, they have come from afar to get acquainted with the situation.

As long as you are willing, I can face the ups and downs of the future with you Zhu Ziliu looked at Li Mo.

Spinning and flying towards Huo Dou s neck, seeing that Huo Dou was no longer able to dodge, he was about to die under the cold silkworm fire spider jade folding fan.

Drug TypeIngredients In The ProductEffect
can cbd oil wake you upbuy cbd gummies vancouver best cbd gummies for sleep aid

Let s avoid suspicion, so we won t go to see Master and Mistress. Wu Dunru looked at Yang Guo and was noncommittal.

He was arrested, suffered inhuman best cbd gummies for sleep aid torture and Which Cbd Oil For Sciatica best cbd gummies for sleep aid died tragically The ugly girl s voice was trembling, and her tone best cbd gummies for sleep aid was cold Seeing that the uncles and uncles who were close in the past have become life threatening enemies, but the people I don t like are usually cold and desperate to save me Pretending to be caught and killed fleeing all the way, escorting her maids to die one after another The ugly girl paused for a moment before continuing to best cbd gummies for sleep aid speak Finally, the little girl gradually learned to protect herself, and those weird little tricks she learned from her childhood have gradually become her own life saving magic weapon This world is really very strange.

Hmph Just now you used us as a spearhead, and best cbd gummies for sleep aid now you want me to stand up for you.

Looking at the green robed disciples who came and went on patrol without interruption.

The big eyes like copper bells felt a little best cbd gummies for sleep aid aggrieved. He was afraid of the fierce tiger on the prairie, but he didn t dare to disobey the Which Cbd Oil For Sciatica best cbd gummies for sleep aid words of the picture.

What s going on outside In the big camp. Not far away is the tent of the cbd oil and adhd masters of the recruiting hall.

Daoist Sun thinks It is absolutely impossible to use the big to bully the small, if it is not possible, the monk is willing to learn the master s texas royal cbd oil law tricks.

To read the latest chapters of this book, please go to Tanghua. After Huang Rong recited it three times in a low voice, Wu Dunru, who had memorized it by heart, had already recited it verbatim.

It turned out that Yang Guo calmed down a little after Wu Dunru and Wu Xiuwen s persuasion yesterday.

I best cbd gummies for sleep aid always say that one is one and two is two. A spit is a nail Since I said to use all my strength, even if it is me Seeing that the little brother is pleasing to the eye, I will definitely use my full strength Ma Guangzuo cursed loudly with a dark face.

Li Mochou stood aside and stared at her gocruising.se best cbd gummies for sleep aid with bright eyes, only feeling that Zhu Ziliu s elegant demeanor when she just showed up at this time has a more fascinating temperament and strength, but Li Mochou immediately woke up, and once Cbd California can cbd oil wake you up again secretly scolded herself for being so cranky today.

Is brother still worried about Guoer Guo Jing nodded in distress and did not speak.

This is an extraordinary feat. If my brother can win this great achievement, His Highness Kublai Khan will definitely give him a butterbur liquid vs cbd oil for headaches gift.

It s a pity that Qiu Chuji s demeanor can only be playing the piano to a cow.

It is true that you were a Taoist boy of Quanzhen Sect back then, but now you are not a member of best cbd gummies for sleep aid Quanzhen Sect, so how can you participate in the affairs of Quanzhen Sect Jinlun Fawang began to argue again.

During the Northern Song Dynasty, there was an eminent monk in Tibet who practiced to the ninth level, and continued to improve bravely.

Ping pong pong There was a fierce fight. After dozens of people were killed or injured, the men in white finally knocked down five Mongolian soldiers.

Don t look arrogant and domineering on weekdays, but it is indeed very brave when fighting.

In order to preserve the reputation of Tofu Xishi, Shopkeeper Liu claimed that although Tofu Xishi was taken away by Jiangyang robbers, Tofu Xishi escaped with martial arts skills.

The four of them tossed and tossed dozens of strokes, Zhu Ziliu was about to finish cbd oil and antipsychotics writing a Self spoken post, the style of best cbd gummies for sleep aid brushwork changed again, the strokes were slow, the pen Cbd California can cbd oil wake you up was thin and hard, full of ancient flavor.

Li Mochou figured it out and knew that her apprentice was right, but she best cbd gummies for sleep aid couldn t help worrying about Zhu Ziliu in Xiangyang City, and her heart was best cbd gummies for sleep aid tangled.

Wu Dunru and Wu Xiuwen sighed can i travel with my cbd oil in their hearts, originally only Jinlun Fawang led two apprentices Daerba and Huo Du to fight for the position of leader in the Great Victory Pass Heroes Conference.

All the Shaolin disciples in the Western Regions are in harmony with the fortune.

Good Good fight Suddenly, someone in the crowd cheered loudly, and a stone stirred up a thousand waves, and many heroes of the Central Plains followed with a wave of applause resounding through the sky.

After the people and the country become strong, we will resist foreign invasions, recover great rivers and mountains, and once again Let China rise Wu Dunru said with high spirits.

Therefore, with the efforts of Saska Pandita and his nephew Basiba, in 1247, Kuoduan signed an alliance agreement for the Tubo tribes to belong to the Mongolian Empire.

After standing under the scorching sun for such a long time, and worrying about Jinlun Fawang and Cbd California can cbd oil wake you up others, he must be overworked Zhu Ziliu seemed to see something, and hurriedly cooperated without losing the opportunity Said to Guo Jing in a low voice.

I didn t find it, but it happened to be my brother s honor to help Master Batu Elder Peng quickly explained with a smile, It s a pity that best cbd gummies for sleep aid he has other things to do, so he didn t come with best cbd gummies for sleep aid us this time.

You must start to treat and detoxify now, otherwise the toxin will continue to spread.

Jinlun Fawang didn t intend that Yin Kexi would cooperate with him, so he continued on his own His Highness Kublai Khan even conferred the title of No.

She is a typical northern girl, and she is easy to get along with Wan Yanping has a strong personality, she is a strange best cbd gummies for sleep aid woman who dares to love and hate.

Guoshi, for your support. The young one must devote himself to death and die.

Although the white bearded old man knew the seriousness and ordered them not Cbd California can cbd oil wake you up to be killed, the man in white still tied them up and remained on the side of the road after beating them violently.

There are no advertisements best cbd gummies for sleep aid Best Cbd Gummies Gold Bee in full text. Li Mochou s face changed to reality, and immediately turned calm again, as if best cbd gummies for sleep aid she was very puzzled and casually asked Li Mochou Where is it Chilian Fairy, Li Mochou, Li Xianzi, you don t want to act anymore I ve recognized you a long time ago.

Come on Men of the prairie, kill these Song people, best cbd gummies for sleep aid His Royal Highness Kublai Khan vigolite cbd gummies will reward you greatly, best cbd gummies for sleep aid delicious food and wine to celebrate your achievements, beautiful southern beauties in the city, and countless gold and silver treasures are waiting for you The general who gave the order to shoot the arrow just now waved the saber in his hand and roared loudly.

Wan Yankang Yang Kang was brought back to the Song Dynasty by Guo Jing to recognize his ancestor and return to his clan, and finally returned to the embrace of Da Jin to be his little prince.

The horses that galloped in the battlefield in the past either died directly or broke their legs and neighed in pain.

Ma Guangzuo gave Wu Dunru a thumbs up, turned back without saying a word, and distanced himself from pure cbd oil for sleep Wu Dunru.

It s been a long time since no one called her that. It sounds much can cbd oil wake you up 200 Mg Cbd Gummies more do you have to have a prescription for cbd oil tennessee comfortable than devil, devil, slut, and Li Xiangu, but best cbd gummies for sleep aid she said You re welcome, I When you are under siege, you come forward to rescue, and best cbd gummies for sleep aid then I take care of you when you can cbd oil wake you up 200 Mg Cbd Gummies get sick, so it s just a matter of settlement Zhu Ziliu smiled and said The road best cbd gummies for sleep aid is best cbd gummies for sleep aid not fair.

However, by mistake, his plan seemed to be much more effective to be continued.

The night walker in black stretched out his hands to support the guard best cbd gummies for sleep aid s body and slowly placed him on the ground, barely making a sound.

Just after walking gocruising.se best cbd gummies for sleep aid thirty or fifty miles away, suddenly best cbd gummies for sleep aid Best Cbd Gummies Gold Bee two people jumped out from the mountain path 8 year old cbd gummies beside the main road.

Now someone sent a message that could tell him everything about his best cbd gummies for sleep aid father, of course he was very excited.

Dangerous, I ate one and put on my clothes and lay on the bed waiting for the death to come.

Although Fan Yiweng was puzzled by this anger, he didn t dare to neglect his hands, and shouted at Wu Xiuwen I best cbd gummies for sleep aid ve offended pain killers you can mix with cbd oil Waving the dragon s head and crutches in his hand, he joined the battle group.

Among the five elements and five colors, the lungs belong to gold, and the color is white the liver belongs to wood.

How rich cbd oil legal in mo or il is Li Mochou s fighting experience As soon as Zhu Ziliu made a move, Li Mochou s body flickered to block the Huiyue Envoy s movements, preventing can cbd oil wake you up 200 Mg Cbd Gummies her from responding to the Miaofeng Envoy in time.

But the people who come here are relatively unfamiliar and best cbd gummies for sleep aid don t know the details.

Otherwise, Guo Jing and his side didn t need to put up such cbd oil at lakewinds co op a big battle to embolden themselves, trying to impose invisible pressure on themselves.

As soon as the two stood still, they saw the door of the prison cell squeak It opened again from the inside, and the two men in green robes who followed hurriedly looked back, only to see that Junior Brother Li came out with his face twitching and his stomach clutching his stomach.

More detailed plans and specific means of implementation are required.

Let you relax and relax Suheba beast called out to the soldiers under his command to arrange the night defense work, and mobilized everyone s enthusiasm with one sentence.

The higher ups have ordered an important thing to be best cbd gummies for sleep aid done. I will take the two of them to carry out a secret mission first.

Hehe You should come back first, kid. Wu Dunru punched Wu Xiuwen heavily on the shoulder and said with a smile, Master and wife, are you alright Hey Mistress is pregnant and is resting in the house Junior gocruising.se best cbd gummies for sleep aid Sister Guo Fu, you are going to be an older sister Wu Xiuwen hurriedly reported the good news.

Okay, then Longer and I will take our leave, and we will best cbd gummies for sleep aid meet later After breakfast, Yang Guo cupped his hands and said goodbye without procrastination.

A flash of inspiration flashed in Wu Xiuwen s mind, Cbd California can cbd oil wake you up and he cursed secretly Why am I so stupid, I should have thought of it long ago Meng Yao Wu Xiuwen couldn t believe it, but asked in a firm tone.

Yes Master This disciple will definitely do his best to live up to the great trust of the master.

saw Wu Xiuwen s right hand trembling at a very fast frequency, and the blade and tip of the Qingfeng Soft Sword also jumped slightly.