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Dunru and Yun er will stay in Lujiazhuang for another amazon rules about cbd oil pure cbd gummies by dr oz ten days. During this time, brother Jing and I will teach Yun er how to practice systematically.

Elder Peng, brother Gong Qiang Khan ordered me to go to Batu Khan s place immediately to urge Batu Khan to send troops to support the war amazon rules about cbd oil Botanical Farms Cbd Gummies For Sale between Tubo and Bashu.

As a teacher, you must succeed in one pure cbd gummies by dr oz strike, otherwise, after letting them know the value of the Snow does cbd oil help with sinuses Mountain God Sable, they will drink precious blood immediately to improve their skills Disciple obeys The two disciples said yes, and when they saw that the Silver Staff Dharma King didn t give any more orders, they backed away gently.

This matter is impossible. This kind of plan to sow dissension is all pure cbd gummies by dr oz about the heat.

There is nothing good about it. Nephew Yanhuo, you can go through this ordeal, and you will pure cbd gummies by dr oz benefit a lot in the future, and your skills will improve a lot Master Panshi comforted himself, smiling and comforting.

That s right Brother. I do you need a license for cbd oil think back then our senior pure cbd gummies by dr oz brothers were so powerful The Yellow River is hundreds of miles along the river, How To Make Gummies Cbd pure cbd gummies by dr oz who wouldn t give us three points of face If it weren t for Guo Jing and Huang Rong, the four senior nephews wouldn t pure cbd gummies by dr oz have died peacefully Hou Tong Hai said sadly.

What I saw and heard today, I must not reveal the slightest bit, otherwise I will die without a place to die After a while, Master amazon rules about cbd oil Botanical Farms Cbd Gummies For Sale Batu finally forced himself to calm down with his extraordinary heart, and How To Make Gummies Cbd pure cbd gummies by dr oz whispered Which Cbd Oil For Fibromyalgia to several people.

As soon as the big ghost said pure cbd gummies by dr oz Withdraw, except for the three ghosts who were already fainting from the pain, everyone shook their ghost headed swords and were about to touch the iron ring on the quilt.

Canabidol Cbd Oil Reviews

Go Jinlun Fawang thought for a moment and finally gritted his teeth and rushed forward pure cbd gummies by dr oz with the five flywheels of gold, silver, copper, iron and lead in his hands.

Now Wei Heng s mother can t take care of many things in the family, so Wei Heng s uncle has an opportunity.

Who will take care of the big and small matters in the village Don t worry about this.

Even decades later. Those gray haired people have participated in this conference.

More changes after that can only be explored by yourself. If that eminent monk had handed down the complete formation, let alone Cheng Ying, even Huang Yaoshi would have to spend a lot of effort to decipher it.

Wu Xiuwen took the risk of using the Qingfeng Soft Sword to test it out, but he didn t know what material the fishing net was made of.

Unexpectedly, the leading general is also considered clever. He personally led the 30,000 front troops and marched quickly without stopping day and night.

With a smile, he caressed his snow white beard and said loudly. Who is this The relaxed Master Songxi finally couldn t help asking this girl in green shirt cbd oil google scholar who was standing beside the saint, graceful and ethereal, with an aura that was not inferior to cbd oil stomach ache her own saint.

Temperament, life story. So Mengyao was always able to deal with these island owners and cave owners in a targeted manner, and made most of them gradually agree with Elder Peng and Gong Qiang.

It seems that this decision is more difficult for him to accept than going out of the city for rescue.

If the original trajectory is followed, Basiba will become pure cbd gummies by dr oz the first emperor teacher in the Yuan Dynasty, the leader of Buddhism, and defeat Quanzhen Sect and other Taoist masters with his own ability when discussing Buddhism and Taoism.

Now hearing pure cbd gummies by dr oz that the uncles have decided to let their brothers take charge of the farm affairs and take them to the battlefield to fight the Mongolian Tartars in a few years, I am very excited, and I am determined amazon rules about cbd oil to practice martial arts well and practice the unique skills of taming animals passed down in pure cbd gummies by dr oz my family.

I always want to megyn kelly pure cbd gummies serve under Guo Daxia when I grow up and drive all pure cbd gummies by dr oz the Mongols back to their hometowns The boy kept talking about the news he had heard about Guo Jing s army.

Take preventive measures to avoid the embarrassing Jinlun Fawang and others who have lost their face today and attack them in anger, causing unnecessary trouble to tomorrow s hero conference.

What does Lord Batu mean Wu Xiuwen asked bluntly after he had already guessed.

But after all, there are dozens of apostate disciples of Quanzhen Sect.

Of course, the blood on the bodies of Elder Peng and Gong Qiang belonged to others, and the embarrassment was also intentional, but they had already gone all out at this time to ensure their own safety and take into account Lord Batu s safety.

Even though Qiu Chuji was shocked, amazon rules about cbd oil Botanical Farms Cbd Gummies For Sale he didn t panic, he wore his belt around his shoulders, his shoulders around his elbows, and his elbows around his hands.

Or people who have heard of this conference proudly told the children and grandchildren sitting around I think grandpa witnessed the scene when the Bai Tara Empress first appeared in the world Didn t you see, Bai Du Mother Empress is like a fairy or Bodhisattva who was banished to the world from the nine heavens.

Wishful thinking, unifying the world is not so pure cbd gummies by dr oz easy. You said just now pure cbd gummies by dr oz that even the Mongol Empire has fallen to the point where it is surrounded by enemies today.

And the recent alliance between the Kadang Sect and the Kagyu Sect has also brought us a lot of trouble Elder Peng sneered in his heart, he understood Tabu s subtext The control of Cbd Hemp Oil For Als pure cbd gummies by dr oz the area controlled by the Sarsga faction is actually only aimed what are the side effects of cbd gummies at the landlords and lords under their rule.

Although pure cbd gummies by dr oz the attack is sharp but disorderly, such enemies are no longer to be feared, and I believe that it will not take long to kill them all.

There was a group of bandits entrenched here, many of whom were skilled.

Mr. Batu immediately returned to meet Khan and told them Information and letters were reported to the Khan face to face.

Although Wu Dunru didn t know what Chan gocruising.se pure cbd gummies by dr oz Master Tianbei was thinking, he could feel his scruples.

The two sides cbd oil cvs pharmacy argued for a long time, and one side insisted that Yang Guo be the head teacher.

Not pure cbd gummies by dr oz far from the battle. When these people saw a group of big men besieging the two women, they were immediately filled with righteous indignation and do power cbd gummies work wanted to help, but the master of the Sarska faction suddenly revealed his identity.

Now the Mongolian Tartars have retreated to the north of the Yellow River, and even the Northeast Road and South East Road have returned to our Great Song Wanghua again.

Who would have thought that when the great leader heard that Wu Dunru had come in person, he immediately bowed his head and bowed, shouting that he was confused and willing to submit to Wu puppy cbd gummies Dunru s subordinates.

Thirty to forty strong men with good martial arts skills were stopped on the road by two masked women in light yellow clothes, and more than 20 corpses were already lying on the ground beside them.

And the other one has a flamboyant posture, handsome and unrestrained, and he is actually a handsome young man in a troubled world.

It is my thanks to the imperial concubine for all my help, and it is also an apology for my previous rudeness.

Wu Dunru was also very happy, after all, Yeluyan and Wanyanping didn t know what was outstanding about them.

It took Guo Jing s army a lot of pure cbd gummies by dr oz effort to fail to break through the Yanmen Pass, but this Yanmen Pass is also known as Nine Fortresses in the World, and Yanmen is the leader.

amazon rules about cbd oilcbd gummy worms near me pure cbd gummies by dr oz

ps Ask for a recommendation ticket Chapter 420 Don t be sad Those blood debts, we all want to get back Let s start with the dragon crutches and snake sticks and Mrs.

Yang Guo didn t give Zhao Zhijing a chance to speak. Immediately afterwards, he taunted Why don t the majestic Quanzhen sect disciples do it, but run to others to block the pugs who are begging for mercy Senior Zhao s hobbies are really unique, I am ashamed of myself, boy, I admire Admire You Little bastard, don t be so sharp mouthed here Be careful for a while, the cbd gummies how long the effects last Taoist master will let you die without a place to bury you Zhao Zhijing remembered that all his current encounters were caused by Yang Guo, and he felt sorry for Yang Guo and the Wu family brothers in his heart.

Ridiculous Today, those who follow me will prosper, and those who go against me will perish.

What Wu Dunru stared at several Cbd Hemp Oil For Als pure cbd gummies by dr oz people with burning eyes. Although the three of Hou Tonghai were blind, they could still feel Wu Dunru s aggressive aura.

Needless to say, everyone must have known that this Zhuo Da is the monk How To Make Gummies Cbd pure cbd gummies by dr oz who was does cbd oil help with thc withdrawal designed to be a scapegoat after Stealing Dorda s war horse with Wu Xiuwen s cooperation.

A new mission for Master Batu. Now that the Mongol Empire is fighting on multiple fronts, the situation is also very embarrassing.

The old man said that he didn t have enough knowledge of this set of marksmanship.

Apex Novel, but sufficient force is also essential. Yang Zuo s eyes were vicissitudes but full of wisdom, scanning the crowd on the field.

Kang quickly laughed and said, The pure cbd gummies by dr oz Summer Valley Cbd Gummies prince is also pure cbd gummies by dr oz heartbroken for his subordinates, and he has no other intentions.

Then we will hold the military power in our hands, and the follow up matters will be solved easily Dong Songchen s words aroused the approval gocruising.se pure cbd gummies by dr oz of Ma Tianji and Ding Daquan.

In order to amazon rules about cbd oil Botanical Farms Cbd Gummies For Sale relieve the pain, he could only stand Stay in place with as little movement as possible.

This this Jinlun Fawang didn t know how to refute for a while. His Highness Kublai Khan also nodded repeatedly, feeling that what Elder Peng said made sense.

Sister Remember the Yangyi Formation Listen to my command, use the Yangyi Formation to break their half baked formation Cheng Yingqing said confidently in her voice.

Then, as a prank, he replaced the birthday peaches Cbd Hemp Oil For Als pure cbd gummies by dr oz in the cage with piles of warm cow dung, and made the evil old man half dead.

The central government is responsible for the wrong amount. What made Wu Xiuwen secretly vigilant, surprised, and admired was that Yang Cuo e had a heavy job, and it could be said that besides the six major sects, he gained the most profit, and even the real power in his hands was more important than some of the six major sects Even so, the position of the central government did not cause pure cbd gummies by dr oz dissatisfaction among the six major sects.

His tone was a bit blunt, not as humble as usual. Oh That s right That Wu Dunru killed my subordinate.

Is a village girl in the mountains not worthy of the status of a young master Qingli woman said aggrievedly.

The rebel army in the original Xixia territory was also pure cbd gummies by dr oz willing to join Guo Jing s army, so after some communication between the two sides, the rebel army in the original Xixia territory successfully surrendered to Guo Jing s men.

No matter how prosperous the Mongol Empire is, they can t ignore our Sarska faction like this You must know that on the territory of Tubo, we The Sarsga faction stomped their feet.

After my Mongolian army arrives, I will definitely avenge the blood and hatred of Jiang Baishou brothers At that time, they will be divided into five horses one by one Lord Batu and General Dorda hastened Pull Elder Peng and Gong Qiang to persuade them.

Cheng Ying made up her mind to break through the Three Talents Formation that besieged her.

Cave Master An and Xuan Lingzi trembled all pure cbd gummies by dr oz over, their hearts turned cold, their eyes couldn t help looking around, Wu Dunru sneered Everyone, don t think of rushing away, I m afraid it s a little impossible for you to retreat easily today As soon as Wu Dunru finished speaking, after Shi Shugang let out a whistling sound, he heard the roaring sound of rumbling coming pure cbd gummies by dr oz from all directions.

I saw that the three people who came out of the forces of Kadang Sect and Daxueshan Dalun Temple were the tall and thin Kadang Sect Master Amaxia, who was wearing amazon rules about cbd oil Botanical Farms Cbd Gummies For Sale a yellow lama hat, and Daxueshan Dalun Temple.

The white faced scholar s surname is Jia, his first name is like Tao, and his style name is Shixian.

of. Although the people pure cbd gummies by dr oz of Tubo are united as one, there are not only a small group of armed forces organized spontaneously, but also the harassment and sniping of the Blue Wolf Army How To Make Gummies Cbd pure cbd gummies by dr oz under the command of the Anti Mongolian Alliance.

Wu Xiuwen immediately shook his head and rejected Mengyao s proposal.

The moving soul is completely under control, but how did you get Uerda to say that Didn t you say it was difficult a few days ago U erda is worthy of being a dignified general.

Ma Tianji, Ding Daquan and Dong Songchen also received the news that a young master was fighting fiercely with that mysterious master.

Your Majesty is as wise as the Taizu, and is a rare emperor Yan Guifei sat up, her beautiful breasts were half covered by a light veil, and Song Lizong couldn t help being excited again.

I have my own clever plan Wu Cbd Hemp Oil For Als pure cbd gummies by dr oz Xiuwen pure cbd gummies by dr oz said triumphantly, causing Lu Wushuang to roll his eyes.

After taking Wu Dunru s antidote, Wu Dunru had unknowingly removed the means on his body, so he felt that the effect was significant.

The day when I give birth is getting closer and closer, and the affairs of the beggar gang are even more concerned.

1 again to make some final explanations before preparing to leave Lin an.

Although no How To Make Gummies Cbd pure cbd gummies by dr oz one can guarantee how binding such an oath will be. In fact, the Vulture Palace masters did not place their hopes on the oath, they have their own rules after a secret passage is used once, it is just an ordinary secret passage and will not be used as a means of life saving again.

After the veil Cbd Hemp Oil For Als pure cbd gummies by dr oz came out Is it Master Song Xi and Master Yang Cuo e I am a friend of your leader Bai Tara, and their group is being besieged more than forty miles ahead These people originally gocruising.se pure cbd gummies by dr oz planned pure cbd gummies by dr oz to go back and forth.

Li Mochou and Hong Lingbo got the news that Lu Wushuang would be in danger deliberately given to them by the Sarska faction, and set up a must kill ambush on their only way to help.

Wu Xiuwen swore, That Xuan Lingzi is so gaudy, how could I have such a little interest in it If I didn t want to use her, I would just look at her hypocritical and ugly face covered in rouge, and I couldn t help but spit out what I ate ten years ago.

Li Mochou stopped Hong Lingbo s protest with her eyes, and continued to arrange, Escort me, this maid, to find the Bai Tara Empress Dharma protection team, and let them come back to help immediately After explaining in a few words, Li Mochou took back the Ice Soul Silver Needle and immediately set off to rescue Lu Wushuang and pure cbd gummies by dr oz Cheng Ying.

Guo Jing was a little confused about what Mongolia was going to do, to attack the many heroes who came to the Heroes Conference But it s not quite pure cbd gummies by dr oz like it.

Sooner or later, the majestic anger will turn into a volcano that burns everything and explodes with amazing destructive power.

You You actually abolished her hands and dantian What a cruel heart I ll fight you The pure cbd gummies by dr oz paralyzed man roared, his eyes were red, and he rushed towards Wu Xiuwen with a snake stick.

The division of labor was clear. After a while, twenty people were ready to follow.

The simple words and profound principles in the past all turned into clear streams.

It s nothing wrong with it Hmph Wu Xiuwen sneered a few times and stopped talking.

Chapter 384 First Battle Master Amaxia and how to filter cbd oil Master Mirare are both big figures who can stand alone among the big forces in the Tubo region.

Master Songxi, on the other hand, seemed to have glanced at the smiling Yang Cuo forehead unexpectedly.

This Your Highness I have some doubts and would like to ask Jinlun Guoshi for advice Elder Peng said hesitantly.

N, The reason why the Mongol envoy keeps rambling is that he wants Ku Toutuo to cooperate with him to point the matter in other directions.

Concentrate on guarding against sneak attacks, after the thick smoke Cbd Face Cream For Hydration amazon rules about cbd oil clears, where are the two figures of Wu Xiuwen on the field He was indeed a ruthless character, pulling out the crossbow bolt from his shoulder blade without saying a word.

I visited Jinlun Fawang s residence last night. In addition to hearing about the conspiracy of the Heroes Conference, I also heard Huo Dou report to Jinlun Fawang that he found something good in the study room of the pure cbd gummies by dr oz occupied house.

After pure cbd gummies by dr oz a while, the courtyard was surrounded by eye catching white fronted tigers, Siberian tigers, and South China tigers Leopards, mountain leopards, clouded leopards, black leopards running into the courtyard, spirit monkeys, apes, orangutans standing on the roofs and walls, male lions with bloody mouths wide open, huge elephants blocking the gate of the village.

Lord Batu didn t dare to speak, but at the same time, he was grateful to pure cbd gummies by dr oz Elder Peng.

We could only wait until they elected a young girl to be does cbd oil without thc cause anxiety the leader, and after carnival and drunkenness, we sneaked in at night.

After listening to Wu Xiuwen s words, Zhu Ziliu nodded approvingly, and Li Mochou s face became more distressed.

Yin and Ben are eminent monks. Later, he went to pure cbd gummies by dr oz the Central Plains martial arts and defeated many masters of the time, and became famous for a while.

The people of various sects who are in sight of victory are full of confidence.

How could Elder Peng miss this opportunity He followed closely, jumped forward, and pressed Evil Zhang s vest with his palm again.

Ba Siba looked at the stars in the night sky and took a few deep breaths before slowly calming down and adjusting his mentality.

The concubine dreamed that His Majesty no longer wanted the pure cbd gummies by dr oz concubine, Cbd Hemp Oil For Als pure cbd gummies by dr oz so she pure cbd gummies by dr oz was so anxious that she lost her dignity pure cbd gummies by dr oz in front of the saint.

What was quenched on his poisonous needle was not ordinary poison, but a kind of poison that could make life worse than death.

A Mongolian general with a loud voice shouted loudly under the direction of Batu road.

Baihui Cave. Chapter 457 Granny Du s Baihui acupoint was hit, she was pure cbd gummies by dr oz unable to dodge at this time, and she was about to die on the spot, fortunately, even if the prince knocked the golden bell into the air, Granny Du escaped, but her back felt cold, I don t know why Already broke out in a cold sweat.

Oh Xuan Lingzi Lord Batu was a little uncertain about Elder Peng s meaning, Didn t Xuan Lingzi have a hot fight with Elder Peng recently Are you willing to let her seduce Naurda Master Batu was joking, I just have nothing to do to play with that Xuan Lingzi.

Gudong Gudong No matter the Mongolian soldiers or the Yellow River pure cbd gummies by dr oz Gang, they couldn t help swallowing their saliva under the temptation of the mellow wine.

Then what are you doing for so long It makes people worry Wei Wei Tianwang cursed.

This Mira fever is different from Amasha s indifference. With a smile, pure cbd gummies by dr oz he thoughtfully thanked the central government, How To Make Gummies Cbd pure cbd gummies by dr oz then shouted the Buddha s name and said, Your monk doesn t have any prestige, but he Cbd Face Cream For Hydration amazon rules about cbd oil is just an pure cbd gummies by dr oz unknown pawn in my sect.

Seeing Jiao Niang eyeing herself and Wu Dunru ambiguously and suspiciously, Guo Fu blushed and said, This is my younger brother Cbd Face Cream For Hydration amazon rules about cbd oil and sister Oh So it s Miss Guo Er and Young Master Guo I heard that Guo Daxia and Huang Gangzhu are happy to have a son.

Oh Big Brother is back Basiba s face immediately revealed a look of pure cbd gummies by dr oz surprise, and even Saska Pandita who was sitting beside him stood up when he heard the words, and the expression of joy was beyond words.

He has obtained the Maha Venerable in recent years. The title, the pure cbd gummies by dr oz ambition is getting bigger and bigger.

My friends, what happened today, although the young man acted too aggressively, but he also did this foolish act for the future of my Tubo, so that our believers will not be enslaved by outsiders.

After Zicong s confident words, he was even more frightened. I beg Master Zicong to enlighten me, what should we do Ma Tianji got up and bowed deeply to ask Monk Zicong for advice.

After listening to Shi Yun s translation, Daerba screamed Wow Holding up the golden pestle with both hands, he rushed towards Wu Dunru.

Today we should go to the old man Gongbu s house fifty miles away for a follow up consultation for him, and then go to see how Dunzhu responded.

How could it be Yan Guifei turned pale and waved her hands again and again, I will definitely cooperate with Mr.

Qiu Chuji narrowly dodged buy cbd oil not made from hemp the sneak attack of the iron snake, and after a closer look, he clearly observed the strange snake shaped weapon Wu Xiuwen mentioned that Nimoxing used.

This made me more vigilant and searched more, otherwise it is really possible to be discovered at this door.

I listened again, but I didn t hear any sound coming from inside, presumably pure cbd gummies by dr oz the cave was too deep for the sound to come up.

It s can bariatric patients take cbd oil just suffering for Xiang er and Polu, pure cbd gummies by dr oz how could they survive such a thrilling adventure at such a young age Huang Rong couldn t help crying when thinking of her three children, especially the pair of babies who were still babies.

Seeing that the blood that flowed Cbd Hemp Oil For Als pure cbd gummies by dr oz out was bright red, it seemed that the crossbow pure cbd gummies by dr oz arrows were not poisonous before he breathed a sigh of relief.

The dragon s body is coiled on the bottom of the wand. Silver Staff Dharma King Wu Dunru said in a deep voice, and then saw that the one who came out from behind the Silver Staff Dharma King was the Jinlun Dharma King with a surprised face.

Others can t do pure cbd gummies by dr oz Summer Valley Cbd Gummies it if they want to do it Wu Xiuwen said to Meng Yao gave a thumbs up.

I will never watch you disrespect Empress Tara That s right I still have a statue of the Third Mother Tara at home The amazon rules about cbd oil Botanical Farms Cbd Gummies For Sale important thing is pure cbd gummies by dr oz to let my old man know that I m going to die for Lady Tara.

It should be amazon rules about cbd oil Botanical Farms Cbd Gummies For Sale us pure cbd gummies by dr oz without a doubt Wu Dunru shrugged helplessly, and briefly introduced the situation to Jiaoniang.

The old man with white beard and white hair was very proud own cbd oil for pancreatic cancer pain decision back then.

And what everyone didn t expect was that the title of White Tara Empress later became the respectful title of all believers in Tubo, and gained pure cbd gummies by dr oz the love of countless believers Chapter 393 Seeing hundreds of people worshiping him in the Cbd Face Cream For Hydration amazon rules about cbd oil field, Lu Wushuang s pretty face covered by white gauze was a little dazed, but this daze appeared to be so out of the ordinary, dressed in fluttering white clothes, dignified and elegant She is condescending and enjoying pure cbd gummies by dr oz the worship of pious believers, and she can t help but let a faint halo linger around her.

This made the Shaolin in the Western Regions worse than the previous generation, and pure cbd gummies by dr oz made pure cbd gummies by dr oz you feel that they are just paper.

This person has an pure cbd gummies by dr oz iron tired slingshot that can hit nothing. Yijue, similar to the situation of Na Jiang Baishou.

But what surprised Wu Xiuwen and Yang Guo was. This courtyard is surrounded by the green robed disciples of Unfeeling Valley, not to mention one post at three steps and one sentry at five steps, it s not much different.

Put the sword case flat on the ground in front of you, reach out and pat the spring mechanism on the sword case.

At the front end of this vajra prong is a foot long four edged long blade, in the middle is a handle with thick arms carved with intricate patterns, and at the end is a statue of vajra.

He must have crossed the pure cbd gummies by dr oz Shihe River now the Irtysh River in Ye pure cbd gummies by dr oz er at this time.

Even Huo Dou was surprised from ear to ear. Wu Dunru had fully recovered with the help of the quarter of an hour just now.

After analysis, he immediately knew that someone was targeting the leader Bai Tara Empress designed a conspiracy.

Shut pure cbd gummies by dr oz up Cheng Ying shouted, Lu Wushuang understood, slipped his foot, and came to the boss of the Six Ghosts of the Western Regions who occupied the dry position among the six gates, Shua Shua The ghost, the big ghost wields knives in both hands to resist the attacks of the gentlemen s sword and lady s cbd oil and contraception sword.

This will also be a big help for their development in the future. How To Make Gummies Cbd pure cbd gummies by dr oz Wu Xiuwen didn t care.

Kang Mengyao looked at Wu Xiuwen and thought again and again, Will it be too dangerous, otherwise let s find another chance If you want to save us, go and rescue them.

Wu Dunru proposed a plan to mobilize, select, and train the surplus population and exiled people in these areas, as well as the retired soldiers of Guo Jing s army who were disabled due to the war, to go to the former Golden Horde and Chagatai Khanates with generous compensation.

Moreover, the Fishing Net Formation of the group of disciples was also very sharp and difficult to deal with.

The Gentleman s Sword was flying in the air, and Lu Wushuang was holding the Lady Sword not far behind, using Huang Yaoshi s Taohua Island unique skill Yuxiao Sword Art to inject internal force into the sword, creating sticky force to attack and stick The know how of other people s weapons, combined with the magnetism of the gentleman s and lady s swords, allows the lady s sword in the hand to control the gentleman s sword not far away from the air to attack the enemy.

Uncle, don t worry too much. Today s Mongol Empire is fighting on all sides.

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