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It s all your fault. Everything you see is new. After so much time delay, I full spectrum cbd oil dosage m so tired that it is cbd oil legal in ca for children s full spectrum cbd oil dosage hard to do Why don t you hurry up and send the things back.

Lu Wushuang used this characteristic of the two swords of the gentleman and the lady to invent a killer.

He still has a lot of energy, and finally got a demotion to the third rank, and he was sent to deal Total Pure Cbd Gummies 300 Mg full spectrum cbd oil dosage with it by local officials.

After listening to the middle aged man s words, Master best thc gummies for sleep and anxiety Yang s drooping eyelids trembled a few times and there was no abnormality anymore.

He can walk, sit, and lie down naturally without any traces. It seems that it is also a material that can be made Choose the opportunity to teach Taohuadao Qinggong, let it be integrated with your own Qinggong, and there should be great progress after mastering it Huang Yaoshi stretched out his hand to pick up the unknown leather scroll placed on the top, and looked up with a smile, but when he saw the three seal characters Guangling San, his spirit was shocked, he couldn t help sitting up straight, his eyes were piercing Keep a close eye on the content on the scroll.

Think back to the time when Genghis Khan sent envoys to the Khwarazmo Kingdom with the intention of concluding a trade agreement.

Ships dock. The Mongolian army landed in an orderly manner, and quietly lined up on the shore to stand by The Mongol Empire is now fighting on all sides, and its military strength full spectrum cbd oil dosage is cbd oil legal in ca for children Purekana Cbd Gummies For Tinnitus is stretched.

Master Yang Cuo e was very anxious, and after thinking about it for a while, he had to take the opportunity of toasting Lu Wushuang, secretly made a secret and strange gesture to Lu Wushuang, and inadvertently revealed a waist card hidden around his waist.

Elder Peng, you are overthinking again Jinlun Guoshi is not asking you, but wants to can you use cbd oil along with cannabis cream discuss the whole story of this matter Kublai Khan looked at Jinlun Fawang and frowned, feeling very dissatisfied with Jinlun Fawang.

Lu Youjiao el toro gummies cbd obviously He did his homework in advance, and introduced forbes cbd oil in detail, Agen is very talented in business.

The Kadang Sect, Kagyu Sect, and Bon Sect and other unspeakable forces are all finished.

I m here to take care of Nephew Zhuoda, and I will notify you as soon as there is news.

At this moment, a figure outside the tent flashed, and Elder Peng, who was dressed in night clothes, stepped into the tent.

The white faced scholar s surname is Jia, his first name is like Tao, and his style name is Shixian.

But before he could heave a sigh of relief, he felt his wrist tighten, and Zen Master Wu Se had already swung his big sleeve, and his palm and forearm were tightly rolled up.

middle aged man stood in front of Wu Xiuwen with blurred eyes, Those island masters and cave full spectrum cbd oil dosage masters were divided into two groups, and the four island masters and cave masters who were loyal to the lineage of the palace master were imprisoned in the Tianzizi water prison There are also five island owners and cave owners who are imprisoned in ordinary prison cells.

The defensive formation, which had been more difficult without Ari Lance, was in chaos.

They were almost completely wiped out and destroyed in the crazy revenge of many sects.

At that time, his uncle was very unhappy, but there was nothing he could do.

n top n point n small n say, An old woman with a mean face in the center is Granny gocruising.se full spectrum cbd oil dosage full spectrum cbd oil dosage Du, and the seat on her left is a gloomy man in his fifties who is the prince, and the smiling and kindly man on the right is a short man.

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Returning in vain, on the contrary, would shock Nimoxing s own wrist.

In order to gain credit, he concealed it from Xiuwen and even Kublai Khan.

Gritting his teeth. As for those traitors, I won t let them have a good time Mengyao did not tell Aunt Li about Wu Xiuwen s identity and the fact that she and Wu Xiuwen disguised themselves as lurking inside the Mongols, and Aunt Li had no intention buy cbd oil downieville of inquiring.

Saint, as long as you are fine Otherwise, how can I explain to the leader Master Songxi was relieved to see that Lu Wushuang was in good spirits and unscathed.

While staring at Pan Tiangeng and the others cautiously. Okay Just leave this kind of trivial matter to me Shi Yun seemed to be very conscious of being a younger brother, and as soon as King Kong finished speaking, he trotted all the way to prepare the stretcher.

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And Wu Dunru led Zhuge Wangchuan, a part of full spectrum cbd oil dosage the Wu Family Army special forces, and a full spectrum cbd oil dosage Where To Buy Botanical Farms Cbd Gummies thousand people carefully selected by Fortune to quietly full spectrum cbd oil dosage arrive at the mountain not far from the high mountain where Yanmen Pass is located, a full spectrum cbd oil dosage mountain that is a little lower than it and has been occupied by Guo Jing s army.

I really think about Tubo and you wholeheartedly. As long as you nod your head today and agree to give me Basiba as the master.

Only now did King Jinlun notice that the weapons Wu Dunru gave to Huang Rong and Wan Yanping were Gongsun full spectrum cbd oil dosage Zhi s golden saber and black sword, and he couldn t help being horrified, and asked in full spectrum cbd oil dosage surprise, What happened to you, Master Gongsun This is not to say how good Jinlun Fawang really has a good relationship with Gongsun Zhi, or how worried he is about Gongsun Zhi full spectrum cbd oil dosage Where To Buy Botanical Farms Cbd Gummies s safety.

Your Majesty is as wise as the Taizu, and is a full spectrum cbd oil dosage rare emperor Yan Guifei sat up, her beautiful breasts were half covered by a light veil, and Song Lizong couldn t help being excited again.

It took so much effort. Of course, Wu Dunru understands that ideological work must be done well.

Unexpectedly, full spectrum cbd oil dosage as soon as he left, he felt his wrist tighten, and the pulse door was already locked.

The other leaders of Juntian, Zhutian, and Yangtian are all ambitious conspirators, dissatisfied with being suppressed by the palace lord, and also heard that Lingjiu Palace inherited the astonishing treasure of the Xixia royal family, and they are jealous of the Xiaoyao faction controlled by the palace lord.

He either caught a tigress or a big bear, a leopard, a white ape, and a goat.

Kang. The three of them also contacted some traitors who had long been dissatisfied with the palace lord s lineage to launch a rebellion.

When you were captured, you could have been killed. Yu Renci, all the seniors imprisoned you in the Quanzhen Sect, hoping that you could repent and change your cbd oil with thc for sleep oregon online past.

Therefore, although they can occasionally cause full spectrum cbd oil dosage some damage to the opponent, some people are constantly severely injured or killed.

If I hadn t been cautious and was hit by his move, wouldn t I have lost my head and died full spectrum cbd oil dosage on the spot Sure enough, I am worthy of being the villain Zhang full spectrum cbd oil dosage title During that life crisis, not to mention that I was just in a moment of impatience, I lost my sense of proportion and killed Zhang Island Master even if I did it on purpose, it is reasonable Don t tell me the prince still wants me to wait for death Elder Peng Even more imposing, he stared full spectrum cbd oil dosage at the prince is cbd oil legal in ca for children Purekana Cbd Gummies For Tinnitus s eyes, stepped forward two steps and asked.

Sooner or later, what you have done will be known to the world You are an old bastard and want to set up a memorial archway.

3.Ultra Cell Full Spectrum Hemp Cbd Oil 500mg 30ml Directions, full spectrum cbd oil 1000mg near me

I promise to help you with more efforts. Detoxify the Gan brothers At this time, Zhu Ziliu had finished the investigation carefully, and said loudly.

Finally, after a quarter of an hour s work, the crowd arrived at a grand hall.

If Yin obeys Yang and violates Yang, it s all about doing things independently.

The defense at night is very loose. As night fell, Lu Youjiao had already led a group of heroes, as well as the gang members of the Yellow River Gang, to the ferry where the ship was docked in a grand manner.

Unexpectedly, Mengyao, who planned to keep their lives alive and ask about the whereabouts of the treasure and magic manuals, unexpectedly escaped, leaving them empty handed.

To put on a show, I didn full spectrum cbd oil dosage t expect it to be your weapon full spectrum cbd oil dosage But even so, I will never let you win easily in today s match Offended After finishing speaking, Master Mirare rushed towards Master Amasha with a vajra prong in Wu s hand.

What full spectrum cbd oil dosage do you call it Is our rebellion different from your betrayal of the Villion Palace General Uerda snorted with some dissatisfaction, We are also the descendants full spectrum cbd oil dosage Where To Buy Botanical Farms Cbd Gummies of Genghis Khan, why should we be inferior to others from the Shuchi lineage They were assigned to this fringe area, and they had to work hard for the Mongol Empire to expand its territory.

My lord My lord There was an urgent shout from the front of the brigade.

No matter the bamboo leaf flying full spectrum cbd oil dosage knife, swords, weapons, or even bows and arrows, they should practice with their left and right hands together, so as not to let themselves leave shortcomings.

Therefore, Yang Cuoqian often greeted Lu Wushuang with care, and provided the greatest convenience for her daily life and going out to see a doctor.

I would have died in the hands of those traitors long ago Mengyao sneered.

Apart from her superb medical skills, Lu Wushuang didn t reveal much about her martial arts skills, but the flying sword stunt that she showed when she won the position of Leader at the alliance meeting was really impressive.

Seeing this, the others held their breaths and concentrated, waiting for the negotiation between the two parties.

rattle. Elder Peng did not confront Evil Zhang head to head. His body skills were much more flexible than Evil full spectrum cbd oil dosage Zhang, who was a little slow due to his hard work and practice of kung fu.

4.2000 Mg Cbd Gummies, best cbd oil for pain walmart

People cover dazzled. Yang Guo smiled and met his old rival, the King of the Silver Staff, because he didn t have to use the dual swords with Xiaolongnv, and at the same time, he wanted to sharpen the black iron full spectrum cbd oil dosage epee he is cbd oil legal in ca for children Purekana Cbd Gummies For Tinnitus had Cbd Oil Missouri full spectrum cbd oil dosage recently practiced.

Master Song Xi panicked after hearing the buy cbd oil pdx news. The two had no time to think again, and immediately summoned full spectrum cbd oil dosage Benjiao and Master Yang Cuo er s subordinates, a total of more than 200 people.

And that holy lady gave a gentle salute, and retreated behind Master Song Xi without saying a word Chapter 383 Saint I Cbd Oil Missouri full spectrum cbd oil dosage didn t full spectrum cbd oil dosage expect there to be a saint in the Ben Cult.

It s annoying However, he is not as utterly conscientious as Gongsun Zhi.

If full spectrum cbd oil dosage you lose, just leave, don t worry about me This Sang girl looks delicate, but she speaks very boldly.

Kicked them into the snow ditch not far away and suggested to Mengyao.

He still didn t change his Total Pure Cbd Gummies 300 Mg full spectrum cbd oil dosage face, still squinting his eyes and smiling at the crowd, without a trace is cbd oil legal in ca for children Purekana Cbd Gummies For Tinnitus of fireworks, so that both the enemy and us on the field screamed in admiration in their hearts At this time, Zhao Zhijing had been called cbd oil for chronic pain canada to break Xingzang, so he no longer bowed his head and hid in the crowd.

As soon as he came out of the mountain, he defeated Master Kurong and Ben from Tianlong Temple one after another.

Lord Batu Things are beyond our expectations Some things are beyond my ability to convey.

They could only watch helplessly as the opponent piled the felled trees around them.

It is very likely that Zhida and Basiba will immediately retaliate against us with thunderous means.

And there are many masters in Heartless Valley, and Fan Yiweng with the long beard is also a master.

Kill all your cronies and friends. Seeing that the situation is not good, you abandon your friends And it s not surprising to escape.

After a good harvest, he was quickly sought after by farmers and expanded in the southwest region at an extremely fast speed.

Those who had lost their skills fled in all directions, several masters of the Saska Sect hunted down the leaders of several major sects, Zen Master Tianci was chasing and preventing these people from killing them, and the Saska Pandita was chasing after them.

It s okay, I ll take care of myself. I haven t seen any battles with Tianzhu Divine Monk Master when we were traveling in Tianzhu.

Kang, Dongzhu An, Xuan Lingzi and others showed excitement on their faces, can juveniles possess cbd oil in utah and Yin Kexi even showed a cruel smile.

She was trembling slightly with excitement, and she secretly ruthlessly said, They ran away They ran away Seeing that the big full spectrum cbd oil dosage revenge is about to be avenged, they Actually ran away Wu Xiuwen noticed Mengyao s agitation, and quickly hinted to Mengyao to be safe and not to be impatient, so Mengyao forced herself to calm down and was not noticed by others.

Just look at who is not pleasing to the eye and scold him to full spectrum cbd oil dosage Where To Buy Botanical Farms Cbd Gummies death Wu Xiuwen thought wildly.

N Vertex Fiction, don t know who said in a tone of exclamation Look, how kind the saint is.

Be careful of the six people in the lead Lu Wushuang and Cheng Ying both felt the threat from each other, and reminded the guardians full spectrum cbd oil dosage around them in a low voice.

Lu Wushuang dodges away. Not accepting Zhu Ziliu s salutation, he said solemnly Today is not because I have given up on the bloody feud of my parents, but because the Chilian Fairy who committed all kinds of crimes and killed people like hemp is dead.

His junior brother is stupid and incompetent. Now he is blind and lame.

Sure enough, this time Yin Kexi was not so relaxed. The wound on his buttocks burst again in a short while, and he screamed in pain.

It made her tired easily and often lack full spectrum cbd oil dosage of energy. Huang Rong didn t know that she had hit the full spectrum cbd oil dosage Where To Buy Botanical Farms Cbd Gummies point.

Unkempt, he screamed unconsciously Wu Xiuwen saw that the beautiful woman was awake, and immediately became at a loss, and stammered Girl, don t get me wrong It s not what you imagined You came here to clean the room in a daze, and stepped on the floor when you left.

Now the two The masters are tied, and now the Kagyu faction and Western Shaolin are leading with one win and one draw.

It was indeed Huo Dou s senior brother Daerba. Darba is a Tibetan, and he spoke Tibetan in an urgent tone.

It s full spectrum cbd oil dosage just that Wu Xiuwen knows that it s still useful for this monk full spectrum cbd oil dosage full spectrum cbd oil dosage to keep him.

They have never been to the front line for a day, never The same people who fought a battle with the Mongol Tartars.

Wu Dunru gave a Cbd Oil Missouri full spectrum cbd oil dosage brief account, but Guo Fu spoke eloquently, and the heroes were hooked.

Du stand up for their own man and speak for Mr. Kang instead What s the reason I m an ignorant and full spectrum cbd oil dosage ignorant man, so I want to ask for advice Elder Peng seems gocruising.se full spectrum cbd oil dosage to be going through the viper demeanor to the end today.

At least let them express the intention of relying on themselves. It will definitely bring unexpected benefits to my future career.

In front of Master. Seeing that the wind of george bush cbd gummies Huang Yaoshi s palm had already blown Basiba s cassock, and his palm was about to hit the top of Basiba s head, which must have caused his brain to burst, but the palm stopped a few inches away from Basiba s head.

Although they have their own ideas in their hearts and have full spectrum cbd oil dosage many dissatisfaction with the Sarska faction, they still need to use the Sarsga faction to subdue Tibet for them in the current situation.

He tapped the staff twice and hit the two men s shoulders and right legs one after another.

The desperate flying sword trick. At this time, the Shuangfeiyan move was used, and the Gentleman Sword was controlled by remote control in the sky, like a dragon descending into the world, flying in the air, just like the legendary flying sword, and the Lady Sword was also like a snow white dragon below.

The Venerable Master has profound Buddhist teachings and superb martial arts.

The envoy Batu, who was secretly proud of full spectrum cbd oil dosage himself, and Ku Tutuo, who was helpless at the Vajra Gate, were all stunned.

Let s make a move Not only are the moves agile and natural, but even the depth of internal strength is comparable to the masters of full spectrum cbd oil dosage the older generation Master Mirare approached Master Tianbei and asked seemingly casually.

Kublai supported the case with both hands and supported his weak body.

Brother Xiuwen didn t want to hurt innocent people. It took him a lot of effort full spectrum cbd oil dosage to find such a physical feature that is similar to Jiang Baishou.

Overwhelming. Among the beggar gang members in the audience, there was a gray haired old beggar with nine bags on his back.

It is conceivable that if a person with a different melody is suddenly affected by Puur Premium Oil Cbd Gummies such an influence, he will be in chaos and be beaten.

As smart as she is, she naturally guessed gocruising.se full spectrum cbd oil dosage that since Lu Wushuang is willing to save her life, there is no chance to eliminate the blood feud in the future.

As for the famous White Tara Empress, let the men try it out. I haven t tasted your beauty yet Wei Wei laughed lewdly as he spoke, staring at Lu Wushuang with fire breathing eyes, as if he wanted to devour her alive.

Don t be so pessimistic. There must be a way to reach the mountain.

Then Island Master Wei has full spectrum cbd oil dosage no grievances or enmities with you. Why did you cut off the meridians of her limbs and abolish the internal energy of her dantian, so that her life is worse than death now Miss Sang gocruising.se full spectrum cbd oil dosage asked coldly.

The man thought that he best cbd oil for joints was safe after retreating, he was relieved, and was about to move his position according to the change of formation, but unexpectedly, Lu Wushuang s sharp sword flew out of his hand, and it was too late for him to hide.

We will naturally talk to them later. Disciple Shi Yun pays homage to Master and Mistress Shi Yun was lying when he said that full spectrum cbd oil dosage he was not nervous.

with a weapon pinned to his waist, he is a man with five big and three thick, who looks like a black tower and replied with a sneer.

When she saw the true face of the Huang Tara Empress just now, Cheng Ying was also shocked, and she immediately figured out the key to it.

Island Master Sikong, Island Master Yu and Cave Master Yang have also turned over and bowed to the ground Young Palace Master Get up quickly You have been wronged Seeing this, Mengyao had mixed feelings, and couldn t help but burst into tears for a while.

But Duanmuhai was still hit by the golden bell on the key point, and died.

After hearing this, Guo Fu nodded slightly Uncle Lu, thank you for your hard work.

The horror of the bone needle finally gave everyone a deep understanding.

You you all know Hou Tonghai couldn t hold back anymore, and asked Total Pure Cbd Gummies 300 Mg full spectrum cbd oil dosage in surprise.

In this Tubo area, are you afraid of being recognized by that old thief Gongsun Zhi That s right The two snow white long swords that this Benjiao saintess took out at this time are the gentleman s sword and the lady s sword after changing their appearance.

After a short while, one or two people will always speak in agreement.

No matter how I ask her, she won t tell me what s going on. Under the guidance of the mysterious man, Yang Guo full spectrum cbd oil dosage nature made elderberry gummies review began to rack his brains to recall the strangeness of Mu Nianci when he got along with him.

All the island owners and cave owners next to him breathed a sigh of relief when they heard the words, and said yes again full spectrum cbd oil dosage and again.

In addition to the gift bags and school bags, this time 515 Red Packet Total Pure Cbd Gummies 300 Mg full spectrum cbd oil dosage Flip must be watched, there is no reason not to grab the red envelopes, set the alarm full spectrum cbd oil dosage clock Is it really Empress Huang Tara Another man looked suspiciously for a while, A good brother of mine also received the favor of Empress discount code for discover cbd oil colorado springs Huang Tara.

The martial arts are also outstanding. The core figure, focus on cultivating disciples.

They are used to please passers by. Almost everyone in the beggar gang knows it.

Elder Ge Changlao, Elder Han, and Elder Hu are traitors. You guys have to know that being full spectrum cbd oil dosage an undercover agent or being a spy doesn t allow you to be careless reads the farm owner and movie star reborn Need Wu Xiuwen began to instill all kinds of knowledge into Lu full spectrum cbd oil dosage Wushuang and Mengyao without losing the opportunity Ah What How is it possible I asked them to find an opportunity to cause trouble for the beggars, but I didn full spectrum cbd oil dosage t expect them to do it so full spectrum cbd oil dosage soon How could such a reckless success be possible Elder Peng first yelled in surprise, and then his expression changed.

Then go outside. Da erba full spectrum cbd oil dosage staggered involuntarily, and smashed the magic subduing pestle heavily on the ground beside him, stirring up a cloud of dust.

Father and mother have always been kind to others, and they are very generous to their subordinates.

It s not that Ma Tianji and the others are whimsical. As the saying goes, cunning rabbits have three caves.

Bold All of a sudden, Dalda s anger rose from his heart to courage, and the monstrous anger rushed to his forehead, and he shouted, Who is it Who dares to kill my follower of Dorda Who dares to kill the generals of the Mongol Empire Maybe it s because Dakshen and Doerda s decades old brotherhood full spectrum cbd oil dosage is more profound than others imagined, or maybe it s because Doerda s journey has been troubled, and he was already restless and depressed, and now suddenly Seeing that the captain of the personal guard, Dakshin, who had been with him for decades, died in a miserable state.

Isn t it a great opportunity for full spectrum cbd oil dosage us now that they are overwhelmed by themselves When we seize power, who will dare to say that we are not orthodox General Uerda is full of pride.

He still let him start from the lowest level of soldiers and get promoted through his own hard cbd oil for swollen feet work.

Most of the many heroes present decided to accompany Wu Dunru and others to the front line to kill the enemy in high spirits, but some full spectrum cbd oil dosage of them really couldn t go there due to special reasons, so they blushed with shame.

Lu Wushuang couldn t help showing joy when he said this. If you don t have this fetish in your hands, the poison you have is really troublesome.

Hehe This son Wuxin has outstanding talent. He had been cultivating in the monastery and never walked in the rivers and lakes, so his reputation is not obvious.

The staff is also very difficult to deal with, you have to be careful.

1 Mongolian Warrior when he returns It cbd oil glass jar black lid s just that I don t have to worry about the current situation In terms of martial arts, Qiu Chuji is only a little stronger than Nimoxing.

Ba Siba looked at the stars in the Cbd Happy Pills is cbd oil legal in ca for children night sky and took a few deep breaths before slowly calming down and adjusting his mentality.

Master of Wu Gang I think Sha Tongtian was already terrified at this time.

Not far from the battle. When these people saw a group of big men besieging the two women, they were immediately filled with righteous indignation and wanted to help, but full spectrum cbd oil dosage the master of the Sarska faction suddenly revealed his identity.

Lu Wushuang flickered, and continued to look for opportunities while dodging.

After prostrating in a chaotic manner, it took about a stick of incense for everyone to finish their ceremony.

That s right A month ago, in order to find a way to deal with many of our martial arts masters, Jinlun Fawang created the idea of the Fishing Net Formation in is cbd oil legal in ca for children the Unfeeling Valley.

I just watch quietly. I will make a move at a critical moment. And Benjiao full spectrum cbd oil dosage is completely trustworthy, and I royal cbd oil for mental health don t have to worry too much with them as my backer.

You and your maid have always been inseparable, and now you come here alone.

talk. Well The recruiting center should not have been established for too long, so you haven t collected any specific information.

Driven by him. Although Xiaoxiangzi s name is elegant, his appearance is like a zombie, and his full spectrum cbd oil dosage martial arts is even more like a zombie.

The leader of the monk suddenly flickered and attacked Ari Lance who was the most injured.

Even the guards headed by the monk Yanhuo are called Dharma protectors by the devout and grateful people.

Sha Tongtian, Hou Tonghai, Peng Lianhu, Master Lingzhi and others Chapter 487 Wu Dunru and Guo Fu led several experts to the full spectrum cbd oil dosage Yellow River Gang s residence.

The guardians headed by Monk Yanhuo have also cbd 101 things you need to know about cbd oil supported and admired Lu Wushuang full spectrum cbd oil dosage wholeheartedly even Master Yang Cuo e looked at Lu Wushuang differently, after all, Namtso Lake is within a hundred miles of Namtso Lake.

The celebration banquet after the victory is when they implement the plan.

helping all beings to escape is cbd oil legal in ca for children Purekana Cbd Gummies For Tinnitus from the sea of life and death, to be reborn in the Paradise of Ultimate Bliss, and to obtain ultimate peace and happiness.

After learning about the situation, they were also stunned, and refused to believe it for a long time Even if they are arrogant and refuse to obey Khan s restraint, is it possible that they really dare to rebel The two of us are willing to go with you Suheba Beast and Ild begged.

But his feet were very brisk, and he led Wu Dunru and Cbd Happy Pills is cbd oil legal in ca for children Guo Fu quickly Total Pure Cbd Gummies 300 Mg full spectrum cbd oil dosage into a upper room.

They would help in the city during the day, and quietly dug out the vacant land outside Xiangyang City on the only way for the Mongols to attack the city at night.

Wu Dunru and Zhuge Wangchuan carefully observed that most of the stone forests here are naturally formed, and occasionally there are some clues and very few man made traces.

Wu Dunru has unknowingly achieved great feats that generations of emperors have failed to achieve.

General Meng Gong s ancestors defected to Yue Fei s Yue Family Army from Jiangzhou, Shanxi.